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HR is essential for business execution. You cannot optimize company performance without optimizing workforce performance. Manage your most valuable asset with the market-leading cloud solution SAP SuccessFactors.

The SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite includes all the tools that the people across your organization need to streamline business execution and get better results:

Employee Central

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central goes beyond basic automation to deliver a suite of applications for your most demanding business priorities. The next-generation core HR system (HRIS) is designed for the global enterprise workforce and delivered securely via the SAP SuccessFactors cloud, serving more than 27 million users.

  • One global system of record: Our platform is effective-dated across geographies, cost centers, legal entities, and employee types

  • Complete workforce data: Combined HR and talent data delivers a richer, more comprehensive employee profile

  • Powerful analytics: Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights

  • Social collaboration: Optimize workforce productivity and accelerate innovation

  • Seamless integration: Easily connect with on-premises or cloud-based apps like ERP, time and attendance, and benefits

  • Continuous innovation: Cloud-delivered enhancements are provided 4x per year, with no additional cost or disruption

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is a combination of proven technology, latest innovations, and service delivery in a solution that represents the next generation of payroll process automation:

  • Available for customers who want the benefits and convenience of cloud delivery but who also want the control of implementing and managing payroll in-house

  • Realize the significant cost advantages of a cloud-based solution

  • Easily connect with on-premises or cloud-based apps like ERP, time and attendance, and benefits

  • Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is an end-to-end recruiting solution that combines both recruiting marketing and recruiting management to drive better business results. This unique combination creates a toolset that will make your recruiting more strategic.

With SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting recruitment is successful and simple, ensuring recruiters and managers are quickly able to hire the best talent possible. A unique one-page candidate application, a simple candidate feedback process, and the ability to customize views and workflows make hiring easier for everyone.

  • Source the world’s best talent. Post jobs for candidates around the globe with analytics, providing complete visibility into sourcing to eliminate budget and reach the best candidates

  • Build talent pipelines and engage with active and passive candidates everywhere with a complete responsive candidate experience that works across all devices

  • Hire the right candidate. Streamline hiring from mobile apply to interview scheduling to online offer letters; and, with mobile tools to get jobs posted to approving offers, it is simple to hire the right talent


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding takes a fresh approach to onboarding. Through a process that is easy, automatic, and personal, SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding improves first-year retention and reduces ramp time. Focusing on three key areas: guiding, connecting and developing new hires, SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding uniquely combines the critical yet tactical aspects of onboarding with the more strategic aspects to create an end-to-end process that drives better business results.

With SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding hiring managers can also define short term objectives the new hire can tackle right away. Since your learning process already delivers training according to role — why not apply that intelligence immediately to new hires as part of their onboarding?

  • Connecting new hires with the right people and relevant content even before they start

  • Developing new hires quickly, turning them into productive employees and enabling them to begin contributing in record time

  • Guiding the HR department, the hiring manager, and the new hire in a meaningful way though the steps of the onboarding process

With SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, you get:

  • Improved process efficiency and compliance

  • Faster time to contribution

  • Better employee engagement and retention

Performance & Goals

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organization ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.

You can stimulate more continuous dialogue and feedback between managers and employees, helping them have more structured conversations about how to align and improve performance.

Organizations that take a continuous approach to managing the performance of their workforce can adapt more easily to the ongoing changes in the competitive environment and achieve sustainable growth. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals puts employee performance at the centre of the process so your people always have the direction, the feedback and the recognition that they need to perform at their best. Its comprehensive set of capabilities allows you to create a unique performance management process that accurately evaluates past performance and improves future performance.

  • Goal Management. Keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives

  • Continuous Performance Management. Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching

  • Performance Assessments. Accurately measure the value and impact of your employees

  • Deliver collaborative feedback and assessment from peers or outside participants


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation helps business leaders, compensation managers, and HR professionals dramatically improve budget accuracy, reduce risk, and tie their greatest expense – employee pay – to actual business results. Unlike personal productivity tools like Excel, or other solutions that simply reinterpret Excel spreadsheets. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation streamlines and simplifies compensation planning, provides visibility and insight for total compensation management, and enables a pay-for-performance culture.

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation support for multiple compensation components, including salary, bonus, and equity awards. Auto-calculated increases incorporate multiple elements like performance rating, job level, pay grade, and company guidelines. Align and provide a clear linkage between employee performance and employee compensation.

  • Manage compensation easily: Intuitive, configurable processes for base and variable pay have simple, accurate, streamlined workflows

  • Eliminate manager bias: Performance-based calibration across the company improves fairness and retention

  • Increase insight with metrics: Dashboards and reports can be combined with other business data for total employee compensation analysis

  • Improve budget and regulatory compliance: Automated monitoring and built-in reports keep payouts in line with budgets and regulations

  • Assure data integrity: Automatically stored data saves time, reduces risk, and improves audit compliance

Succession & Development

SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps HR professionals identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and planning for future growth. It is a comprehensive cloud based solution that reduces organizational risk by ensuring you have the talent you need to drive better business outcomes, today and into the future.

Enable HR managers to support strategic talent review conversations with managers and executives. You can see talent depth across the organization with an interactive Succession Org Chart, Assess the risk and impact of loss, and gain visibility into your bench strength.

  • Reduce organizational risk: Identify and address current and potential talent gaps to reduce the risk of poor business execution

  • Ensure talent continuity: Develop and maintain a continuous supply of internal talent to fill critical roles throughout your organization

  • Leverage workforce insights: Analyze your organization’s talent supply and talent demand so that you can make more informed decisions

  • Create more effective succession plans: Measure the effectiveness of your succession plans and the impact they have on business outcomes with custom reports and dashboards

  • Increase employee engagement: Empower employees to reach their full potential, advance their careers, and accelerate their learning with targeted development plans


SAP SuccessFactors Learning puts your employees at the center of the learning experience. To improve your competitive advantage and your business outcomes, it’s imperative to instill a culture of learning in your organization. You will improve skills, develop leaders, reduce compliance risks, and more effectively engage your people, all from one powerful, easy-to-use learning management solution.

  • Improve workforce skills and employee productivity: Develop leaders and close performance gaps by engaging your employees. Studies show that engaged employees are better equipped to reach their own personal and company goals, and they’re more motivated and productive

  • Reduce risk and help ensure compliance: SAP SuccessFactors Learning can help your organization comply with legally mandated compliance goals, such as OSHA, FDA, or HIPAA standards, or even things like an internal code-of-conduct

  • Extend learning to external audiences Your organization can create unique “Extended Enterprise” environments for your partners, customers, franchisees, and other external audiences. The result: improved branch/franchise performance, customer and partner development, and retention. The SuccessFactors Extended Enterprise solution includes eCommerce capabilities for courses and can increase your learning solution’s ROI

Workforce Planning

With SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning you can conduct sophisticated workforce modeling based on head count and hiring data, turnover rates, retirement age, and cost data to create strategies today that can ensure your organization’s readiness for the future.

With SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning you can formulate your strategy with greater confidence by knowing your forecasts are based on credible workforce data from across your business systems. SAP SuccessFactors has a proven methodology that accelerates organizations’ ability to develop and execute effective workforce plans.

  • Built for business execution. Fully integrated with SuccessFactors, Workforce Planning enables “what-if” scenario planning and analysis, so your leaders can act with confidence and a clear understanding of the financial and operational implications of your plans. Proper planning results in improved short- and long-term recruiting, succession, learning, development, performance, and other workforce initiatives.

  • Expertise built in. With more than 30 years of expertise in designing workforce plans, developing strategic interventions, and defining, integrating, and interpreting workforce information, we have embedded our proven methodology with a bank of workforce risks and mitigation strategies into the technology.

  • Access to expert community. SuccessFactors consultants have proven excellence in workforce planning, headcount reporting, and are available to share best practices from hundreds of customers to accelerate your success. Customers join an active community of their peers to learn from each other and share their experiences.

Wordforce Analytics

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics improves decision making by helping companies find answers to key questions about workforce challenges and provides guidance to help solve them. Answers that can help drive successful workforce initiatives.

Driving impactful decisions with solid business evidence.

  • Designed for business execution

  • Workforce Analytics is fully integrated with SuccessFactors, is easy to use, and provides the insights and tools you need to take action
  • Built-in expertise

  • With more than 30 years of expertise in HR metrics built into our tools, technology, processes, and services, SuccessFactors sets the standard for workforce metrics and benchmarks, and it provides the tools that make everyone successful
  • Access to expert community

  • SuccessFactors consultants offer proven excellence in HR analytics, planning, and metrics, and are available to share best practices and accelerate your business execution. Customers are encouraged to join a peer community and share ideas


SAP Jam delivers secure social collaboration where you work – inside your applications, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam itself. Connecting customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems and to drive results. Break down barriers between teams and bring social tools into any business process.

  • Work Pattern and Social Business Processes – Connect people, content, applications, and real-time data from back-end enterprise systems

  • Structured Collaboration – Brainstorm, problem-solve, and make decisions with tools for pro/con analysis, forums, ranking, and more

  • External Collaboration – Create groups to collaborate with specific customers, partners, vendors, or suppliers

  • Enterprise Social Networking – Connect and communicate using groups, feeds, discussions, and document sharing

  • Security and Administration – Take advantage of enterprise-grade security and pre-built, extensible integration with SAP and third-party software

We, at Novarto, can help you manage your most valuable assets talents & customers in the most efficient & innovative way.

Why Novarto?

  • SAP consulting company helping businesses for more than 8 years

  • Consultants with strong HR background

  • As a Bulgarian company we know the local legislation and specifics of the labor market

  • Our involvement in large international projects brings us invaluable experience and global perspective

  • We deliver flexible customized solutions – nothing is impossible for our strong development team


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